Welcome to 2013!

All of us here at Xylem are very excited – and grateful! – to begin a new year. It’s always refreshing to have an opportunity to re-create and revitalize yourself and your life. The energy of renewal is already flowing at Xylem as we prepare to launch our new designs and show dates.  This past year we’ve received  many  great ideas about our organic clothes from our customers and we’re looking forward to incorporating many of them in our new lines, as well as reconnecting with our fans at shows throughout the year.

At Xylem we celebrate “Beauty In Balance,” not just in our eco-conscious clothes, but in all aspects of our lives.  It feels good to know that in a world of increasing extremes, together we are creating a union of beauty, style, comfort, and community in all the ways we move through the world.

We look forward to exploring 2013 with you!  And we hope your new year is full of beauty and balance.

- Xylem Clothing