Autumn Excitement at Xylem Clothing

As the long days of summer drift slowly into Autumn colors, our hearts are full of gratitude and inspiration. The past few months have given us many opportunities to meet our customers and fans. Our sails are full of their praises and our creative vision is seeded with their feedback. There is a passion growing for sustainable, organic clothing and a new Eco-fashion movement is building. We are excited to be a part of this fun creative time and to share our art with all of you.

With the changing season also comes a new school year and Xylem is right on time to release our new line of girls organic clothing. New girl’s bloomers, leggings, tops and dresses are already available. Whimsical and colorful, these fun new kid’s clothes are made from super soft bamboo and organic cotton.

We also have some new styles of women’s organic pants and long sleeve tops coming soon as well as classic Xylem favorites available in completely new colors. And just when you thought soft couldn’t get any softer, we’ll have a new fabric integrated into our next line of organic clothing; sustainable bamboo blended with organic cotton. So be on the lookout for new styles, new colors and new fabrics here at Xylem and join in the Eco-fashion momentum!

This fall embody your beliefs in style with the natural elegance of Xylem Clothing.

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